Campus Safe


Internet Tools  –  HTML, JAVASCRIPT
Language  –  PYTHON( Django Framework)
Operating System  –  WINDOWS 7 & Above
Back End  –  MySQL
Web Browser  –  Any Browser
Documentation  –  Microsoft Word 2010

CPU  –  Dual Core
Hard Disk Space  –  120 GB
Main Memory  –  2GB
Key Board  –  104 Keys
Clock-Speed  –  2.6 GHZ
Monitor  –  15 ″ SVGA COLOR



A Grievance Cell should be constituted for the redressal of the problems reported by the Students
of the College with the following objectives: … Encouraging the Students to express their
grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized. To create a
platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and nonacademic
matters. Get suggestions from the students for improvement. Take necessary steps for
improvement in the light of grievances. The cell functions to look into the grievances lodged by
any student. Students may approach the cell to voice their grievances regarding academic
matters, health services, library and other services. Any form of discontent or dissatisfaction on
the part of the students can be informed to the cell. The Grievance cell also looks into matters of
harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the Co-ordinator or member of the
Students’ Grievance cell. Grievances may also be sent through e-mail to the Co-Ordinator of the
Students’ Grievance Cell. The cell then redresses the grievances promptly and judiciously. As a
result of this mechanism, the institute has pleasant ambient atmosphere and good work culture
with in-built goodwill and mutual understanding among the students.

The main modules are:-

REGISTERATION MODULE: There are mainly four types of users to this system. They are Administrator, User, staff coordinator and Authenticator. They should be registered to the system in order to access the services offered by the site. The user can register for accepting the availability of the features of  the system. That is the registered user can go to anywhere of the site. The registered users have a care from the system. The registration is the user side activity. The registered user can register for touching authorized parts of the site. The registered users can give complaints and can see the status of the complaint. After registration, staff co-ordinator are responsible for investigating complaints allotted to them by administrator. After registration, authenticator is responsible for the approval of user registration.

LOGIN MODULE: Login Module provides the access permission to different kind of users in the system. There are four types of users: Administrator, Employee, Authenticator and Registered user. All the users have their own user name & password. They are separated by the category type user/ admin/ employee/ authenticator. This module prohibits the unauthorized access of information to the restricted area of the system. There have a login table in the database, which stores all types
of user’s username and password. If the registered user enters wronging his/her username or password, the system will display the error message like “Invalid Username and Password”.

SEARCH MODULE: Search Module can intend to obtain registered complaint status information from the system. This module can help to users to search progress in their own complaints. Complaint id is used to this searching process. From search module user can access the needed information very closely.

COMPLAINT MODULE: This module specifies the services provided by the system. The registered users can give their complaints online. Registered users can give complaints online using this module. The complaints are received by the admin. Administrator is responsible for the approval of complaint registration and allotment of them to officials.

JOB ALLOTMENT: The administrator can allot job to officials as per their location. Then the allotted official is responsible for updating the complaint status according to the progress in the

FEEDBACK MODULE: The students can send their feedbacks. Feedback includes their suggestions, comments or complaints.


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