Bus Booking


Internet Tools  –  HTML, JAVASCRIPT
Language  –  PYTHON( Django Framework)
Operating System  –  WINDOWS 7 & Above
Back End  –  MySQL
Web Browser  –  Any Browser
Documentation  –  Microsoft Word 2010

CPU  –  Dual Core
Hard Disk Space  –  120 GB
Main Memory  –  2GB
Key Board  –  104 Keys
Clock-Speed  –  2.6 GHZ
Monitor  –  15 ″ SVGA COLOR




The main objective of the Project on Online Bus Booking System is to manage the details
of Bus, Route, Places, Booking, Customer. It manages all the information about Bus,
Registration, Customer, Bus. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus only the
administrator is guaranteed the access. The purpose of the project is to build an application
program to reduce the manual work for managing the Bus, Route, Registration, City. It tracks all
the details about the route, booking, customer. Provides the searching facilities based on various
factors. Such as Bus, Places, Booking, Customer. Online Bus Ticketing System also manage the
Registration details online for Booking details, Customer details, Bus. It tracks all the
information of Route, Registration, Booking etc Manage the information of Route, shows the
information and description of the Bus, Places. To increase efficiency of managing the Bus,
Route. It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of Booking. Manage the
information of Bus, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource
management of Bus data. Manage the information of Booking Integration of all records of
The programming has been accomplished in PYTHON. The administrator and the user
can login using the username and password which they can select according to their choice.
Only restriction is that multiple persons will not be permitted to accept the same username. The
project has been developed in PYTHON as front end and MySQL as back end which develop to
help powerful software.


Admin Module: This module provides the administrator to control the whole website. He can view the database and control the flow of the project. He is the super user who can delete any user or any reports. All reports can be updated and deleted by admin. Admin is responsible for adding new bus types, ,bus details, fare etc. Administrator has the overall control of site.

Login and Registration: The user can register for getting a valid user id and password through a registration form. Registered users can search bus details, seat availability and book the seat.

Route Details: This module stores the details of bus routes. The admin can add, edit , delete route details. Admin can add place and bus stops

Bus Details: This module contain the details of bus type and buses. The admin add/ edit /delete bus details, The user can search bus and book the available seats.

Bus Fare: This module stores the details of bus fares. Admin can update the fare details.

Booking: The user can search the seat availability by searching bus with source and destination. They can book their available seats

Trip Details: This module contains details of various trips. Admin can add/edit/delete the trips


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