On Wheelz


Internet Tools  –  HTML, JAVASCRIPT
Language  –  PYTHON( Django Framework)
Operating System  –  WINDOWS 7 & Above
Back End  –  MySQL
Web Browser  –  Any Browser
Documentation  –  Microsoft Word 2010

CPU  –  Dual Core
Hard Disk Space  –  120 GB
Main Memory  –  2GB
Key Board  –  104 Keys
Clock-Speed  –  2.6 GHZ
Monitor  –  15 ″ SVGA COLOR


The ultimate aim of developing the website for “On_Wheelz” is to manage the functionalities
of courier vehicle administrative system in a categorized and orderly manner. In modern age, as
time increase, needs & requirements of the person are also increased. They want more facility &
try to do their task quickly & within time. But they cannot get all the things at nearest market or
area, so they have to import the things from any place in the world. Within the country, the
things can be imported through post service. But it consumes the time & sometimes problem of
damage or missing occur. Where as in the international market, the one way is shipping. But it
also requires more time. The courier service is one of the solutions of these problems. It is used
to send some things to any person in the world within time.The courier company has number of
branches, which are spread over the country or the world. So that when person wants to send
things then he has to contact at nearest courier service branch. The courier company creates the
schedule & gives internal/external services. The courier service work as destination office or
source office. The source office branch receives the order means consignments & sends it to the
destination courier branch. The company has certain rules according to the weight. Using the
courier service person can easily send his/her parcel to other person in the particular destination
within the time.
This system allows user to manage the site in an efficient manner. Operators are provided with
user friendly front-end. The objective of the project is to make good software with an overall
performance. The software should be easy to work. The software should be able to extract
information from databases and make the reports very easily.


Administration: This module provides the administrator to control the whole website. He can
view the database and control the flow of the project. He is the super user who can delete any
user or any reports. All reports can be updated and deleted by admin.

Login: The registered employee can login using their valid username and password. This module
provides a database of employee details who can edit their profile later. The system helps the administrator to manage the courier like weight of courier, price, type, date etc. The details can be viewed in detail from the View module associated with this.

Employee Details: The system helps the administrator to add the details of employee like section, name, contact
details etc.

Vehicle Details: In this module, the administrator can add the company vehicles and allot this vehicles to different
routes for the courier service.

Route Details: The system helps the administrator to add the route details, and allot the vehicles to different
routes for the courier service, assign the employees to the route.



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